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Spending made this on avoidable unavoidable he says but before the election it had been unmentionable the Conservatives have gone to the electorate to say that they was thinking about putting up VAT there again labor minister shave not told voters that they would think you’d take precisely the something all goes to show the politicians find it very very difficult to be up front with the public about putting up taxa bad for government of the government raising enough tax to cover the spending has been a political night man the people.

Who take to the streets have no such worries their answer is to get more tax from those who were avoiding its especially the banks and legal business valuation identify the people here because the prices I can write about my right and the people I see in my community thing the southern these banks we’re suffering with having also Scott good tidings decided yet the base somehow are constrained by playing times no idea.

They could get away from that site with all the people have to pay that tax total a growing number believe that bankers in news day sees greedy businessmen getting away with avoiding what they really I and the taxman is seen as being a mere ammeter compared with the professional tax avoids the corporate world the company’s have one advantage overall the Restless they can make their affairs really really complicated and because they can they become really difficult to understand and that means the job collecting taxes on is quite hard because no one quite knows the truth and as a consequence.

They pay less tax than you do only do and most people watching this program will buy cowardly politicians have put us into this situation and we now need some courageous ones to get us out a bit up both parties love both parties all parthenogenesis many centuries the authorities have come up with more more ingenious ways to get their hands on our money taxpayer as a fam ways to avoid paying its now if you don’t give the revenue.

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A better lifestyle for your family then the only thing you’re missing is really a step-by-step system to get started and a coach and while I wanna be your coach I wanna be the one that helps you and and be able to implement this and get you to that next level crews received a comment vacant house riches.

Now today I want to talk to you guys about wholesaling real estate in what I call it a video wholesale may ease now wholesaling is not a very complicated business valuation process. it’s pretty easy when you break it down and once you cut figure out all the parts is really simple and can pretty much be on it and out source and combined where you can pretty much full so how’s it working about four hours or so.

So what’s coming over the steps number on it and I know that how this in your head number one avers that is going to be market research skews its use the the handwriting not the best but step one is market research and what I mean by market research is if you’re just starting out or if you’re going into a brand new market you need to do whatever you can do to pretty much get guarantee your success and in new ark is well you is find areas where you gonna have one high cash sales that means there’s lots of people lines lot cash investors.

That’s a week we target what we sell are also houses and that’s what we’ll or we look for those areas were these guys are buying like crazy and that’s where we want our because we know that if we put a property under contract we can be easily get his soul so we we first start and try to find those areas what we do is we poll cash sales from the MLS import Nashville freedoms of wherever we sort that Dad find the area where you know just %uh the most if this area has a cash till this area has don’t go the early with a hundred.

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Which is somebody to call them just wanted somebody to column they will pick up the phone or call somebody so that’s why they go to the Internet just because they don’t watch human interaction in some regions get all wrapped up in well I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna generate all these leads no I don’t have to cold call what the great news is if you just called called instead of worrying about the internet.

Which probably generate more business on a higher our ally patients get really stop cold calling is typically just because they don’t know what say I’m in so the key here is especially friendly wager if I’m a brand new agent and I’m day one in the market first place I’m gonna go is to for sale by owners. I’m you in the region as a pic they’re motivated there they’re trying to save money so they’re smart.

I’m again usually they just don’t know what they don’t know and so for sale by owners you could walk into a For Sale By Owner before the end of the day have a listing contract in the key is knowing what to say so give me a little bit love you okay so okay let’s start here where do you forward for sale by its cuz you can drive around your market right now the one where you drive by you.

Know business valuation method driving around everyday anywhere but so you could try by side other other places that you that you know over there you go just fine for sale by owners there’s site after Bob Scott Craigslist out has a real estate for sale by owner section its awesome okay so you go in there you find them it now you’ve identified disperses the for sale by owner take me through now what what would be could’ve that the steps that you would the wood undertake in order to get in front of this person were to end up in their living room now so it’s really easy I just gonna say hip-hop many time i’m looking on Craigslist here I am with at real estate for sale by owner.